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Crazy Hats

Our Crazy Hats department is full of Hilarious Head-Toppers!

Decorate your dome! Our selection of crazy hats are a great way to show your wild side, top off a costume or make a friend look ridiculous. Some of these crazy, funny hats change the way you look, like our popular hair hats that give you a spiky 'do, long locks or a hillbilly ponytail. Other crazy hats provide your skull a service, like drinking helmets and umbrella hats.

And, just as we like it, many of our crazy, funny hats are just there to make people laugh!

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Thinking Cap Beer Hat
Our Price:Price:$12.99
VIP Price:$11.69
Rasta Tam With Dreadlocks
Our Price:Price:$16.99
VIP Price:$15.29
Bowling Pin Hat
Our Price:Price:$15.99
VIP Price:$14.39
Flair Hair Red Visor Brown Hair
Our Price:Price:$14.99
VIP Price:$13.49
Cousin Stevie Boppers
Our Price:Price:$1.18
VIP Price:$1.06
Umbrella Hat
Our Price:Price:$5.99
VIP Price:$5.39
Viking Helmet
Our Price:Price:$4.99
VIP Price:$4.49
Miller High Life beer Case Hat
Our Price:Price:$24.99
VIP Price:$22.49
Over The Hill Hat
Our Price:Price:$9.99
VIP Price:$8.99
Chicken Hat
Our Price:Price:$4.99
VIP Price:$4.49
Rasta Bandana w Dreads
Our Price:Price:$16.99
VIP Price:$15.29
Flair Hair CamoFlauge Visor Brown Hair
Our Price:Price:$14.99
VIP Price:$13.49
Parrot Hat
Our Price:Price:$13.99
VIP Price:$12.59
Mini Birthday Cake Hat
Our Price:Price:$6.99
VIP Price:$6.29
Light Bulb Hat
Our Price:Price:$15.99
VIP Price:$14.39
Birthday Hat With Candles
Our Price:Price:$7.99
VIP Price:$7.19
Pirate Hat with Eye Patch
Our Price:Price:$17.99
VIP Price:$16.19
Crab Hat
Our Price:Price:$15.99
VIP Price:$14.39
Pot Head Hat
Our Price:Price:$12.39
VIP Price:$11.15
Flappy Cap  Chicken
Our Price:Price:$19.99
VIP Price:$17.99
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