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Funny Talking Scale

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Item is discontinued and not available for purchase.
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Product Info

The FUNWEIGH Funny Talking Scale is one of the hottest gift items this year.

It not only is a fully functional scale but it also jokes with you about your weight.

When you weigh yourself with this digital bathroom scale, you'll hear some pretty funny phrases. The FunWeigh will also tell ya when it's ready for you to weigh, and you'll be greeted with, "Hello", and the scale will turn off saying, "Good Bye". When you weigh, you're gonna hear your weight and one of the funny phrases below. Remember, whether ya weigh 50 pounds or 400, it's gonna poke fun, so don't take it seriously :o)

The Funweigh cycles randomly through 8 joke expressions including:

  • "Back away from the scale!"
  • "I think you just broke me!"
  • "Is someone on here with you?"
  • "You're not big boned, you're just fat."
  • "You're a deucer!"
  • "Eh, eh...can't breathe."
  • "It's a good thing I talk, 'cause you probably can't see me."
  • "Hey, get Pavarotti off me."

The scale measures weight in both pounds or kilograms, has an extra large, stable wighing platform, an extra large display, and can hold up to 440 pounds (200kg).

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