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La Queefer

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Product Info
You and your lady friends are enjoying a relaxing Yoga class when all the sudden during Happy Baby Pose, you hear something that sounds like a fart! Who would fart in a room full of ladies? Well, that wasn’t a fart you heard – it was a queef, courtesy of your friend’s cute new pink device – La Queefer! La Queefer is small and pink, so it is girly enough to keep in your purse, and it is named after that unforgettable South Park episode staring the amazing “Queef Sisters.”

The next time you see your friend bending over to pick something up off the floor, just give La Queefer a little squeeze, so everyone in the vicinity will hear a silly queefy noise and instantly assume it came from your poor bent over friend! And sure, the sounds the come from La Queefer may sound a little like farts, but rest assured, this nifty girly colored device would NEVER let out a nasty fart sound. We like to call them “vart” sounds instead.
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