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Nudie Golf Tees

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Product Info
Guaranteed to help keep your head down, these flesh-colored beauties are tastefully designed in the shape of sexy women. Made or durable plastic and 3" high, they're sure to please the boys with the big drivers. Since these tees are made with two legs instead of one stem, they double up as a unique ball mark repair tool! Tee it up with a hot beauty! 4 tees per set.'
Staff Review

Amanda's Review:
Nudie Golf Tees

I am not a golfer by any stretch. In fact, I never even excelled at mini golf. However, if i was an avid golfer, I would DEFINITLEY keep a pack of these hilarious Nudie Golf Tees around with me.

As a big fan of miniature headless nude people, how can I not love these tiny golf tees? Shaped like mini naked women, and almost completely anatomically correct, these Golf Nudie Tees are almost bogus enough for them to be listed in my silly blog, Half Naked Mannequins.

I wish I had golf lovers in my family because they would definitly be getting packages of these for every holiday. And for Christmas, these babies would look sweet sticking out of a stocking!

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