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Stupid Gifts

If its stupid gifts you want, its stupid gifts we got!

Stumped? Get stupid! Stupid gifts from PrankPlace will make your friends slap their knees, heads, and possibly you. They're inane, they're offensive, and they're just thing for your coworkers, uncles, friends and frenemies. We're proud to present stupid gifts for every occasion, including hilarious mugs for the office, activities for the bathroom and crazy pranks for the house. So, stop shopping and start smiling by picking a stupid gift here at PrankPlace for your next occasion. Make a statement or just make them shake their head - all the best gifts are ready to go! Check out a few of our other hilarious and stupid prank departments: Fart Factory, Funny Mens Gifts, Funny Bumper Stickers, Swearing Gifts, Shocking Pranks, and Silly Toys!

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Our Price:Price:$24.99
VIP Price:$22.49
President Obama Chia
Our Price:Price:$24.99
VIP Price:$22.49
5 Dollar Box Of Crap
Our Price:Price:$5.00
VIP Price:$4.50
The Gun Mug
Our Price:Price:$9.99
VIP Price:$8.99
75 x 175 Ceramic Aspirin Paper Weight
Our Price:Price:$8.99
VIP Price:$8.09
Our Price:Price:$13.99
VIP Price:$12.59
Face Bank Red
Our Price:Price:$7.99
VIP Price:$7.19
Potty Putter
Our Price:Price:$25.99
VIP Price:$23.39
Toilet Mug  WHITE BOX
Our Price:Price:$14.99
VIP Price:$13.49
Grenade Mug
Our Price:Price:$9.99
VIP Price:$8.99
Ring for Sex Bell
Our Price:Price:$9.99
VIP Price:$8.99
Rude and Crude Magic 8 Ball
Our Price:Price:$11.99
VIP Price:$10.79
Tiger Condoms
Our Price:Price:$5.99
VIP Price:$5.39
Our Price:Price:$5.90
VIP Price:$5.31
Jesus LED Flashlight Keychain
Our Price:Price:$5.98
VIP Price:$5.38
Mooning Lawn Gnome
Our Price:Price:$19.98
VIP Price:$17.98
Emergency Toilet Seat Covers
Our Price:Price:$4.99
VIP Price:$4.49
Pack of Obama Stimulus Bills
Our Price:Price:$4.99
VIP Price:$4.49
La Queefer
Our Price:Price:$7.98
VIP Price:$7.18
Jesus Pen
Our Price:Price:$6.99
VIP Price:$6.29
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