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Product Info

Scare Em Away with the Toilet Monster!

Getting tired of your wife's reminders of not putting the toilet seat down every time you use the bathroom? Well then, here is a great time for you make sure that she will never nag you about the toilet seat ever again! Just get this toilet monster and your life will never be the same again! The toilet monster prank is pretty simple. All you have to do is put this on your toilet bowl and put down the lid. When you open it up, you will see a hideous looking green (or red) monster staring at you (and your butt) instead of the usual bowl. Now that can totally scare anyone! After all, who would expect a monster on your toilet?

To get the best results, put this on at night time for midnight peeing time or whenever you are drinking with your buddies. This gag is totally hilarious and can completely make your day, especially when you finally hear that horrifying scream of terror. However, you should probably expect a follow up scream (more of like a screech) of shock and pure embarrassment. Now what are you waiting for? Why don't you start giving your loved ones, friends, or colleagues a fright of their life with this horrendous looking monster on your toilet?

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