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Greetings, you weirdo! We just assume everyone who shops with us is as weird as we are. We mean, hey, wouldn't you have to be a bit weird to be interested in sarcastic t-shirts, obscene coffee mugs, stuff that smells really bad, or novelty items which cause the most important people in your life a moderate amount of emotional or even physical pain? Definitely maybe! So, we're a bit off, we assume you are too, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We will gross you out, we will make you laugh, we will offend you, and we will enjoy every minute of it. So welcome to our little, depraved corner of the internet and do let us know if we can assist you in locating the perfectly hilarious pranks or novelties you didn't know you needed. And thank you for stopping by!

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Email: sales@prankplace.com

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