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Funny Bumper Stickers

We have the funniest car signs and bumper stickers including a great selection of removable funny bumper magnets.

You've Definitely Come to the Right Place for Hilariously Funny Bumper Stickers!  If you've got a loud mouth, don't let your car's AC filter it. Sassy, funny bumper stickers are the way to tell other drivers exactly what's on your mind. We've got hilarious family bumper stickers, sports bumper stickers, rude bumper stickers, political bumper stickers and more; all with a slightly off-kilter message that shows you're not just another Sunday driver. The next time you feel a bit of road rage, find a funny bumper sticker that lets your car do the talking.  You have to check our the magnetic gag bumper stickers - they make a point, but can be easily removed without personal physical damage to the car (but the psychological damage will live on!)

Hilarious stickers for trucks & cars

Whether you drive an Aston Martin, a one ton pickup truck, or a rusty 1970 Gremlin, your ride makes a statement. When your rig has something to say, let our bumper stickers amp up the volume! When traffic is driving you nuts, you'll feel better knowing the person tailgating you is stuck reading your sassy messages. With everything from rude to funny to political to prank bumper stickers, we've got the statements you need to stick it to 'em.

Prank Bumper Stickers

If you're feeling extra mischievous, check out our popular embarrassing magnetic bumper stickers, which let you put anything from "I Love Porn" to "Paycuts for Cops" on your friends' cars! They'll never forget - no guarantees on forgiveness.

Funny Bumper Magnets

The worst thing you can do to a friend is mess with their ride. Therefore, if you are going to apply a bumper sticker as a prank, a great option is to use a removable one that is magnetic. It will hold tight, but can be easily peeled off without damage to the car. Of course, if their car or truck is awful, and deserves the permanent treatment with sticky glue, well... we have those as well.